Targeted Workout Routines for Improved Strength

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Muscular endurance is developed through the combination of strength and endurance routines and by maintaining a proper nutrition program. Increases in muscle size and mass is achieved by adding strength and cardiovascular routines into your training program for several weeks. The best way to increase strength in a short period is to cross-train into different sports and focus on improving performance and form on each sport. Cross training will also prevent you from experiencing workout rut because each sport encourages different muscle movements.

It is best for bodybuilders to execute many repetitions against a resistance for an extended period to increase muscular endurance, according to the authors of the book "Periodization Training for Sports", Tudor Bompa and Michael Carrera. If your objective is to increase strength and stamina, it would be better to do explosive movements that involve some of your core muscle groups to work your muscles to their limit. The authors also advise athletes to improve these key fitness areas when training: agility, aerobic endurance, flexibility and body coordination.

Building up agility will help improve the overall motion range of core muscle groups and joints. An increase in agility will help a bodybuilder do cardiovascular exercises aimed at building endurance. Some sports that increase agility are basketball, football, soccer, gymnastics and figure skating. These sports involve irregular bursts of movements that require a combination of strength, speed and flexibility. These types of movements challenge the body and enhance heart and lung functions.

Endurance is increased through activities that require sustained high intensity movements. Endurance increasing activities include sprinting, cycling, rowing and boxing. These activities also improves heart and lung functions; the only difference is that these activities are performed with regular bursts of strength. You can do these activities exclusively or use them to complement your normal weight-training program.

Increasing flexibility can be difficult for most bodybuilders who are usually very focused on lifting. Flexibility training programs typically involve intensive stretching routines and activities that require using both large and small muscle groups in short bursts. The goal of flexibility training is to extend core muscle groups through their full range of motion; this can help any bodybuilder improve muscle strength over time, because it allows for easier energy flow throughout the entire body during the workout session.

Like flexibility, most bodybuilders find it hard to develop coordination. Most bodybuilders can easily coordinate their body movements during a lifting routine but cannot display the same level of coordination in other activities such as aerobic workouts and simple dance routines. Coordination helps in improving flexibility, agility and strength. A bodybuilder with good coordination can easily perform different activities to achieve training goals faster.

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