How To Achieve Success In Bodybuilding

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When you want to increase muscle size and strength with your training program, sticking with your routine for the long-run may be the biggest obstacle to your success. Most professional bodybuilders have a highly-optimized workout and training routine that demands a high level of self-discipline and motivation in order to achieve results. Overtraining certain muscle groups or doing too many reps and sets in one session can severely limit any beginning bodybuilder's success, so it's important to understand some key principles of training if you want to get the best results.

As mentioned by John Little in his book "Beginning Bodybuilding"- there is a prevailing misconception among first time bodybuilders that the more you train hard, the better. In reality though, Little explains that this can lead to underdeveloped muscle mass since your body make excessive corrections as you train too much. The body needs days or even weeks of relaxation for it to repair injured muscles and tissues. On one hand, you will have the muscle gains you wanted once this particular element of the training is optimized. Your bodybuilding's success is ensured with these important guidelines:

1. Set at least four days of rest in a week during intensive workouts. John Little advises beginning bodybuilders to have three days of training per week. The remaining four days can be spent to rest or relax for the injured muscles to recover. You may plan your schedule to ensure that this particular training requirement is met.

2. Maintain good form and posture when training. Get the most out of your fitness routine by maintaining good form in executing body movements. Cheating on the routines won't lead you anywhere. Your muscles will not fully contract so there will not be any visible results. Likewise, you are not encouraging muscle gains when you lessen muscle movements just to have more reps or sets.

3. Establish connection between your mind and body. Using the mind in moving the body is an important component in any training program because it helps you figure out when to train harder or scale back your fitness routine.

4. Never push yourself too hard during rest days. Strength training yourself for 3 days can surely encourage your body to activate all its muscles. However, you have to relax during your 'off days' or take only light stretches. If you push yourself too hard on straining activities, chances are, your body will have a hard time healing its injured muscles. As a result, it will be harder to increase muscle mass during your workout routines.

5. Move more slowly. This pertains to proper execution of movement in relation to putting muscle gains at an optimal level. Focus and concentration are two essential factors in achieving this. When lifting weights, you may hold and lower it slowly but using the same amount of time and by deeply exhaling.

Training your body to build muscle mass and increase endurance will take time and focused effort, but you can maximize your gains by following some basic guidelines. Make sure your training program includes these key principles so you can get the results you want.

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